Our focus

Global TotalCare takes pride in their injury management skills in reducing time loss and employer costs due to a workplace injury or illness. We facilitate this by:

  • Customizing on-site training and managing absences related to personal injury or illness
  • Interacting on behalf of the employer with the provincial worker's compensation board, third party plan carriers, health care professionals, the worker, employer and unions pertaining to the development and implementation of return to work plans Expediting medical procedures by acting as a liaison with medical practitioners and other health care professionals
  • Early medical intervention for injured workers at the time they seek outside medical attention
  • Minimizing time loss through ongoing support and follow-up with workers
  • Serving as a resource to the company's Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Assisting with a safe and timely return to work plan in a colaboration of all parties to ensure a balance of work tasks and the worker’s specific limitations
  • Directing and monitor the implementation of functional capacity evaluations and independent medical tests
  • Providing all required correspondence and injury related documentation to the worker's compensation board claims division regarding the worker’s claim file
  • Monitoring client WCB accounts searching for any decrepencies
  • Corresponding with the medical community to achieve a return to work program that provides a safe and timely return of workers back into the workplace
  • Performing all appeal functions; either employer or employee initiated appeals along with applications for relief of costs from pre-existing medical conditions
  • Attending all WCB oral hearings to ensure that the employer is properly represented

About us

Global TotalCare is recognized for specialized management services and innovation in the injury management industry. We aim to enhance your management team through training and the mentoring process to foster the very best in your people. This provides owners of smaller companies confidence in their injury management process and creates a feeling that they are not alone in their business.

Our company, established in 2001, has been actively participating in a variety of industries throughout British Columbia, North West Territories, Yukon and Alberta representing thousands of employees in a multitude of industries. We assist our customers to combat the intrusion of an unhealthy business culture and utilize our skills and awareness of human resources to reduce absenteeism and compensation costs associated with workplace and non-workplace injuries.

Injury management is a proactive multifaceted approach of coordinating services for timely and cost effective return to work of employees that are absent due to an injuryor illness. From the onset of an injury, our goal is to focus the injured worker on returning to work in a safety and efficient manner.

Global TotalCare acts as a third party employer representative, to liaison between the injured worker, supervisor and/or manager, medical practitioner and worker's compensation board.

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